Message from Tanja:

“With the help of my Angels and Guides, I am dedicated to providing guidance and answers without judgement to past, present and future issues thus empowering my clients to transform their lives.

I work closely with both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel who have become my Guardians, Guides and companions.

It is my belief, that we are all connected to each other and to nature and that spirituality is a way of life.  As mother earth faces more turbulent times, we are all affected by this turmoil and this is the reason why we experience so many difficulties and lessons, as time itself is speeding up.  As we cannot control the chaos around us, we need to look at our inner world and make the changes by speaking our truth with love in our hearts.

Your Angels and Guides are there to help you, and you need to trust them. You attract what you believe and what you think.  Your thoughts create your reality.  You can change your negative patterns by taking charge of your thoughts. You have the power!”