Your life experience is a direct reflection of your thoughts and feelings and through connecting to Divine Love and angelic energy you can create powerful transformations.

Tanja Jaeger is an internationally known Spiritual Life Coach & Angel Communicator Expert, Energy Healer, Teacher Dream Analyst Expert and writer whose work has helped and transformed the lives of thousands of her clients from all around the globe over two decades.

She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tanja’s consultations are a unique combination of channelling angelic guidance and energy using her sharp intuitive abilities, providing accurate insight and answers to the direction of life from an unconditional and loving perspective as well as working with her clients to empower and transform their lives with ease.

She lovingly guides clients from all walks of life to find their power and their life purpose.

Tanja has written numerous articles for online magazines throughout the years, including the popular Ask Your Angels column in the Renaissance magazine and has been a repeat guest on Good Hope FM, Cape Talk Radio and KFM.

Her unique one on one online courses offer clients the chance to learn about energy work, psychic development and healing with the angels and guides to powerfully and positively transform their lives.

She plans to travel and lecture and to write.