Aura ImageSimply put, everything is made up of energy whether we can see this or not and as the law of attraction states that “Like attracts Like.” Where you vibrate energetically is what you attract.
Close your eyes and tune into your feelings for a moment- how are you feeling about your life right now?
Are you living the life of your dreams?
Is your life filled with love and joy in each and every moment?
Do you wake up alive and inspired, excited each day?

If you do not feel a resounding YES with each of the above- you are not living the life you deserve and you can CHOOSE to change this NOW!

What is Energy Release?

Your Energy Field

Your energy field or aura which surrounds your physical body is an extension of your life force energy and it contains your emotions, desires, thoughts, beliefs, health issues and spiritual growth.

Your energy field consists of different frequencies which you send out into your environment and these different frequencies attract experiences that resonate with your energy.

A healthy energy field is bright and clear and vibrates at a high frequency, you feel calm, happy and light.  Your thoughts and FEELINGS determine your experiences and you are not always conscious of those thoughts and feelings that dwell in the unconscious where past experiences and your feelings to these are stored.


As you experience your life and interact with others, negative words, actions and thoughts from others get “stuck” in your energy field causing blockages and you to feel drained.

Your energy field then energetically looks like it has been ‘splashed with mud’ and these dense energies cause you to feel tired, stressed, drained and low and often you don’tknow whether what you are feeling is actually your energy or someone else’s, so it is good to ask yourself: ‘Is this my energy or someone else’s’ and intuitively ‘feel’ what you energy is telling you.

Just imagine all these negative energies dragging you down day after day! Many people have layers and layers of these negative emotional patterns and limiting beliefs and then they wonder why they feel hopeless and depressed or they don’t feel their heart at all and therefore have difficulties to do with giving and receiving love.

Limiting beliefs, core beliefs, familial and even generational are just some of the blocks and resistance that can keep you stuck in low vibrations.

Layers of low vibrations create lack whether emotional or financial, fear, anger, feelings of confusion, turmoil, pain, sadness, heartache, loneliness to name a few and these low vibrations hold you back from living a life filled with love and joy which is your birthright!

High vibrations fill you with the highest feelings of love, joy, peace, calm and an inner knowing that you are safe and supported, that the Divine has your back and that you deserve to live a LIFE FILLED with an ABUNDANCE of OPPORTUNITIES.

Thank you so much for all your precious work with me!! I gave a big “awakening” in all respects.
I booked a channeling with Tanja and was amazed about all the things she knew in my life I didn’t even tell her. Everything she wrote was true for me.
The first “21 Day Energy Release” Program brought some remarkable changes in my perceptions, helping me to release old mental patterns by replacing them through new positive affirmations and thoughts. The second “21 Day Energy Release Program” released my thoughts and aura blockages even more. I am really putting things practically into action, changing old habits, taking on decisions and noticing my “inner child”, learning to love myself again, appreciating and accepting gifts from people and nature around me. Learning about the abundance in and around myself and listening again to my intuition. Tanja took me with on a journey to myself.
I also appreciate her newsletter and face book group a lot, where you get new inspirations for the day, can see the most beautiful and colourful spiritual pictures and get really practical hands-on advice how to manifest certain things in your life.
Tanja is an amazing, perceptive, spiritual and angelic woman with so much to give to others. I am very grateful to know her and that I was allowed to receive her guidance! I wish that a lot of people will receive her and the Angels’ help and that our planet’s consciousness will rise higher and higher bringing LOVE to everyone and all beings around us, interconnecting more and more.
Thank you so much Tanja for all your Divine Vibrations!!!

– Sylvia Ruettinger, Foreign language correspondent and kids English and Yoga teacher


image--2I have worked with Tanja for several months and cannot recommend her highly enough if you’re serious about making changes in your life. She supports your journey completely and holds a safe space of no judgment for you to release everything that is holding you back. Her insights into the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and other behaviour patterns that are in place, continue to amaze and surprise me, not only in their accuracy but how these programmes run automatically. It’s this awareness that has brought such significant shifts and change in my life and I am definitely not the same person I was when I started the work. I feel more connected to the powerful being that I am and know in my heart that I can be, do or have anything if I just choose it and let the other stuff fall away. For that, I am truly grateful to Tanja and the beautiful angelic energies she works with.

– Nicki Hague

When I signed up with Tanja’s ‘Energy Release Program’, for me, the time had come to start a radical cleanse of my emotional energy system. To move forward you have to cut through what ties you to the past, which is literally what Tanja did!
Cutting cords and releasing old believe-patterns have left me feeling like a new-Me, the real-Me!
My dreams, which I never believed could become true, are slowly taking on shape. Tanja left me with a tool-kit which I am using every day to build the life I’ve desired for so long. I could not be more pleased with Tanja and her work!

– Angela Lehmbecker

I thoroughly enjoyed Tanja’s 21 day energy release programme. It was incredibly helpful and it felt like a present arrived in my inbox every day , I was sorry when the 21 days were finished. Tanja’s one on one advice was both insightful and encouraging. If you are open to shifting your life forward then I would highly recommend Tanja’s 21 day energy release programme

– Linda Kavalsky, Recruitment Director


GeorgeGawieI’m still in awe at the progress and deep healing that has taken place over the past two weeks. I was surprised that i could actually physically and spiritually feel the healing. It was tough letting go of old thoughts and habits but thanks to your guidance and the Angels protection its been nothing short of a miracle experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– George Gawie, Account Executive, Nashua Mobile

DaleenTanja thank you so much for your incredible wisdom that you share with so much love. I was in a bad head space in my live and with your energy release program you helped me letting go of my limiting believes, old heart pain and sadness that was holding me back from having a full and joyful life. With your help I have managed to heal not only my relationship with others but also with myself. This is an incredible gift. My heart is much more open to give and receive love and I feel a wonderful peace in all areas of my live as my energy is vibrating at a much higher level. You are truly an amazing healer!

– Daleen Smit-Graphic Designer

Bernadette-CampbellI can compare Tanja to a little piece of heaven in my life – an angel with white feathered wings living on earth amongst us.
I have had the opportunity to work with Tanja since 2007 and her grace and guidance and honesty to life’s sticky situations has always given clarity, understanding and a rejuvenated sense of why we are here on earth and why we have chosen our personal paths we have elected to be our mission while in these current bodies.
I strong encourage you to try the 21 Day Energy Release Program – each day was an enriching moment of enlightenment.
Thank you so much Tanja!

– Bernadette Campbell – Nutritional Therapist

How Energy Release works

There is only negative energy (low vibrations) and positive energy (high vibrations) and layers of these low vibrations create lack, fear, uncertainty, confusion and pain where as high vibrations.

Imagine these negative blocks like the layers of an onion and as we clear and release these energies, layer by layer is released and your energy field strengthens and you feel LIGHTER and HAPPIER.

  • Your relationships begin to improve as you ‘clean up your vibes’ others respond to you in a different way because you are also treating them differently.
  • You are now able to manifest your desires because you can FEEL the possibility of them occurring which is the key to manifestation.
  • You are able to make clearer and better choices because you see the future with HOPE and the endless possibilities that are available to you, which you are not able to see when you feel low.
  • Your heart is able to open to LOVE and JOY and you begin to attract new, more positive experiences into your life.

‘Remember that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’

I ask you this question:

‘How are things going to change unless you do something about it NOW?

If you are still reading this then you ARE ready, so sign up and commit to the life of  your dreams.

30day program21 Day Energy Release Program

Divine Angelic Activations and High Vibration Healings

Join NOW if you are ready to experience profound shifts to live a life of the highest vibrations of abundance and love.

  • You will receive 21 DAILY energy sessions of personal work on your issues (that’s over 300 minutes of healing!!!), releasing low vibrations and activating your energy field with the highest Divine Love and Angelic frequencies.
  • You will be part of a high energy group of support, receiving powerful daily Divine, Angelic energy transmissions.
  • Daily updates & weekly personal message from your angels to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • You will receive high frequency Divine Love and release recordings with your Angels which you can repeatedly listen to and keep your energies clear.
  • All this is available to you from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home.

I am only able to accommodate a limited number of people per group, so sign up now to avoid disappointment.


R 3,500.00



Terms and Conditions

Energy Release Programs- are refundable within 7 days from start of the program.  All refund requests must be sent via e mail within the specified timeframe.