How to do Payment Online via

Step 1:

Go to Shop and choose relevant category, for placing your order. For example if you are ordering a reading then go to Readings

Step 2:

Choose the reading of your choice and Add to Cart
It will tell you that product has been successfully added to your cart.

Step 3:

Choose another product or proceed to Checkout

Step 4:

You will now be asked to register or log on. If you have not registered scroll down the page and under Billing Address you will see Create an Account? and add password. Fill in Billing Address

Step 5:

You will be taken to payment Method, make sure you fill in all of the information correctly.

Step 6:

Your order is now complete and a automated confirmation of payment will be sent to me confirming your order. Please make sure that your order has been sent.
You will receive an email from me once payment has gone through