Thank you Tanja for the difference you made in my life, not only are your consultations always 100% accurate, but you are always there to help with any questions I need to have answered.  Most importantly you always help me to stay positive, and see the positive side of life.

~ M.G – Pretoria, South Africa

I met Tanja about ten years ago. She has constantly given me sound guidance regarding love, finances and family. Her energy is radiant and her consultations 100% accurate. She always delivers the messages she receives with honesty, love and compassion. They have helped me make some of the most important life decisions. I was so impressed with Tanja that I decided to do some of the courses she offered. I have never been so impressed with what she delivered. She is a great teacher, faithful and trustworthy. I highly recommend Tanjas readings and guidance for those on their spiritual journeys and those who are seeking transformation and advice. Because of her readings and her advice, I have changed my perception of myself, others and the world.

~ Dr T, South Africa

Hi Tanja, I must tell you that you certainly have a gift for seeing into the future.

This relates to our reading we had together 7 years ago.

  1. I would start by earning my bread and butter and I would feel inadequate & pressured about it for a long time but I just needed to flow with it – check
  2. I would work in marketing – check
  3. I would work in my own space – check
  4. My boss would be very European – check
  5. He would give me an apprenticeship type role – check
  6.  I would do well there – check
  7. Don’t expose yourself to anyone- however I haven’t always followed this advice and painful consequences have resulted.
  8. I would settle somewhere more natural, away from the hustle & bustle – check


Lots of Love.

~ Katie James – Media & Advertising Assistant- London

Dear Tanja, thank you so much for the huge breakthrough you helped me with. I have started my own business and was battling to get a clear sense of direction. You left me speechless with your immense insight as if you knew me and my issue intimately. This was a hugely empowering consultation and has helped me to make a huge shift in my affairs. I feel so inspired and ready to move forward again. May you be blessed

~ Jack Canada

Some Feedback about the Courses

Healing with Angels Course:

This course really helped me to transform and heal the areas of my life that were blocked. It’s so simple and easy to understand, I loved the manifestation techniques .Thank you so much”

~ Tina, Cape Town

 “I loved connecting with my angels and now communicate with them every day”

~ Lilly, GB

 “What a wonderful experience! I finally started my own business after attending this course (Manifestation and Transformation Course) and am applying visualization and using abundance affirmations daily”

~ Mandy, Table View

Dear Tanja, thank you so much for an awesome Psychic Development Course. I loved working with and opening my psychic abilities ( I didn’t even know I had them LOL) It was so easy and any fears or doubts I had quickly disappeared. It was empowering to be able to interpret my cards accurately with ease

~ Peter, Ireland

 WOW, WOW. WOW I just have to tell you Tanja that the Energy Course was great! For the first time ever I know have an understanding of how energy works and you explained it all so clearly and simply. I have read books about energy but never actually “felt” energy. The exercises were amazing, I could actually “feel” the money and I loved the money vibration. An absolute must.

~ Karen, Australia