Are you ready to take your Personal Transformation to the next level? 

Do you want to experience the Ultimate Change in your life, business, finances love relationships and Inner Being?

2 hour Transformational Coaching Sessions will take you through a step by step process and what is needed for you to make the changes and clear the blocks that keep you in limitation.

We will look at how your thoughts, beliefs, feeling and actions or lack thereof are contributing to where you find yourself and how to move forward from this place, experience breakthroughs and become unstuck and change so that you achieve powerful results.

I will contribute my sharp intuition and insight to guide you and I will facilitate personal healing work as is necessary as each person has unique needs and the aim is to help you to shift and transform.

I require your absolute commitment to change and your willingness to take a different approach to your issues.

A word of warning: Transformation can be spontaneous and miraculous and I aim to achieve BIG results, so if you prefer to play small then these sessions are not for you.

If this speaks to you and you feel compelled to transform your life then send me an email as to why you feel this work would benefit you at this time in your life and what you expect to achieve.

You will be contacted in order to make an appointment.

2 hour Transformational Coaching/Healing Sessions R 2500

Package of 3 sessions   R  6000

Package of 5 sessions R 10 000

Package of 10 sessions R 20 000